Hang on?

Wines that good...

In a box?

Yup. The box is way better for the environment, much more flexible and convenient for you, and means the wine is cheaper. Our question is why wouldn't they be...?

Our sustainable wines are selected by Master of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd and sourced direct from small and independent producers that make wines of real character and quality. They're boxed so you can benefit.

Red, White or Rose... It's All Green

6 times lower carbon footprint and takes less energy to recycle than glass

More Wine For Your Money

Lower packaging, processing and logistics costs and no middlemen, we buy direct

Far More Convenient

Stays fresh for up to 6 weeks once open, so you can enjoy wine not waste it

What's the deal with the waiting list?

We're a small family run start up and are now fully subscribed. We're operating a waiting list so that we can buy wines for new members. This helps us get the best wines at the best prices. So sign up now to make sure you're in line to reap the rewards.

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